Wednesday, May 7, 2008

QUARANTINE "Automatique Negative Response" lp (nab12)

Released on NABATE on june 1996. Pure IRN Bru product (this is the famous cafein-lemonade all Scots are addicted to ok) Astonishing album with strong melodies and high energy screaming heavy pop punk(?!), the songs are really catchy and smart. Great male & female singing, reminicent to Jawbreaker.
Listen to A.N.T to hear what I mean....

track list:

1. Vacant (2:16)
2. ANTS (3:05)
3. Animal In Man (1:45)
4. Automatic Response (2:56)
5. Forcefeds (3:31)
6. Survival (2:38)
7. Closed Circle (2:40)
8. KKK (1:52)
9. Isolation (1:38)
10. Prisoner Of Hope (3:00)
11. Boxers And Cords (2:15)
12. 180 (4:21)

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dhd said...

Thank you for posting this! Another record I own and love but haven't gotten onto the computer yet :)

rayss said...

i love this i have other quarantine records i think a 7" and split 7" but never got this record it is another memory of great distros and labels and me pulling out my empty pockets
thanks again
ray ss

Ja'faar Donutz said...

I love this so much. is it possible for you to scan the liner notes/lyrics and upload them? that would be fantastic! thank you SO MUCH!