Saturday, April 13, 2013

NABATE Records

Greetings everyone! NABATE RECORDS was a punk label from Liege - Belgium, that released records from 1989 to 2000.
Releases include bands HIATUS, UNHINGED, DISAFFECT, COUNTER ATTACK, QUARANTINE, and many more.
Finaly! I have decided to rip (from the vynil) the most difficult-to-find releases and put them up for you to download... just click the link here..

P.S.:. The postal address is NOT valid anymore.


Kid Jef said...

Alain! Jef ici, si tu te souviens de moi (de Belief a l'epoque). Je cherchais du Hiatus et voila que je trouve ceci, chouette!
J'espere que tu vas bien, a+

AL said...

Yep! cool Jef!!

Anonymous said...

Those were the best days of my life!