Saturday, June 28, 2008

COUNTER ATTACK "Masters and Jesters" LP (nab21)

Okay, here is another strong release on NABATE that never came out in the CD format. (UNHINGED will be next ;-D)

Released on Nabate Records 15.07.2000,
COUNTER ATTTACK hailed from Alken, Hasselt and Gent in Flanders. They were influenced by early eighties uk bands like Flux Of Pink Indians, Dirt and CRASS at a time where most punks in Belgium were into stuff like Crust, Metal, Hardcore Emo or Power Violence.
This is the second album following the "Laments and Skulls" LP out on Prejudice Production who suffered of lack of mastering. "Masters and Jesters" was mastered by Alain Martin who did a real great job of making sound great a still very cheap recording.
Ivan is now (July 08) with VISIONS OF WAR (web) and Stef is now doing KISS THE ANUS OF A BLACK CAT (web)

Here is a review cought on the net:
«Counter-Attack was an anarcho-punk band from Belgium that was formed in the mid-'90s and existed through 2004, releasing two LPs, "Laments And Skulls" and "Master And Jester." Musically, they are a perfect blend between Crass and Conflict with interesting and catchy songs. Aside from their music, what set Counter-Attack apart from their '90s contemporaries was their ability to take political issues and attack them from unique and interesting angles in a way that i can only compare to Crass. As an example, the song "Zebra" looks at the prison industrial complex from a perspective that questions correctional institutions and their ability to improve a prisoner's behavior, while never excusing the behaviors of those in prison. They combat both the apathetic punk attitude as well as the political punk movement itself in a critical and engaging way without ever coming off as preachy or condescending.» "Sorry State records" (web)

track list:

1. there is a land... (3:28)
2. ...well is there? (4:48)
3. Redundancy (3:59)
4. Our Hands Are Empty (1:42)
5. Zebra (3:20)
6. Cenetistas (4:38)
7. A Whim Of Melancholy (4:15)

listen to "...Well Is There?":

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I remember meeting these in Germany for a few nights in 2000, and buying the record from them, i could only afford one record so I choose the one with a poster! Live they reminded me a lot of conflict but my mate said I was talking out of my arse. They said they were moving away from counterattack as a recording band and onto different things, i wished them well and still do

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Al said...

06/04/2013 – Counter-Attack (reunion-tour, anarchopunk BE), Link (epic crust BE), Machinenfest (punk/crust GER) + 1 more @ Bakunins Pogo Bar, Kortrijksepoortstraat 216, GENT.