Sunday, May 29, 2011

EXCLUSION comp. LP (nab001)

OK, let's start with the begining.
EXCUSION was thought as a one off projest at the time when NABATE was not a label but an anarchist micro shop, or info-shop, in 1987. I did not know that I was starting a records label for the next ten years to come.
Compiling an album is a nightmare and many have given up before it comes to reality. People don't answer, loose your letters, delay, bands break up, etc etc.. NABATE was Manu and me at the time. We started the EXCLUSION as a anti-sexist project with three friends from Paris. But we ended up doing our own separate things, since we didn't agree on many things. I won't detail this here, I'm not sure I can even remember! Anyway, back to our compilation, Manu & I eventualy finnished the booklet and compiled everything and got it from the pressing plant end of 1989. It is a time when I still didn't know what the hell was a "mastering". Sadly the pressing plant didn't wanna know either for this release, probably believing it was a just loads of crap. At the time there was no internet to google "mastering", we only had a typewriter. We gave everything to the pressing plant and one day one of the manager called us and asked us to come and listen if there was no mistake. This pressing plant was in the middle of nowhere, especially for people like us with no vehicule! We took the train, then the bus (one every 1h30 hours) to listen that the track of HHH, that was so fast that they thought there was something wrong...
Here is the track list:
1. Atavistic(uk) - Common Ground (3:23)
2. Active Minds (uk) - not your property (1:36)
3. Dona Nobis Pacem (b) - Ballade of Nature (4:40)
4. Pariapunk (fr) - Indifference (1:29)
5. So Much Hate (nor) - Poor Little Macho (2:00)
6. Satanic Malfunction (uk)- Sexual Freedom? I Think Not (2:33)
7. Revulsion (uk) - World Without Hate (4:35)
8. Pleasant Valley Children (uk) - What The World Needs Now (2:37)
9. Dissent (us) - Another's Eyes (3:57)
10. Cringer (us) - Triangle (3:25)
11. Cringer (us) - Take Back The Night (1:15)
12. Dawn Of Liberty (b) - Blockade (3:26)
13. HHH (sp) - Jim (1:41)
14. Culture Shock (uk) - Joyless (3:05)
15. The Ex (nl) - Balcony (2:53)

I could comment tracks and bands but I guess this would be too long and you are probably not interested to read all my blurb anyway. So here is the link to the rar file with the whole album. It was pressed at 1043, came with a big 32p booklet, silk screened postcard and a translation of Sarah's booklet "Hunger Strike" in french. I guess it was not a very sensible idea to make all this for "only" a thousand lucky few. Anyway here it is at last, the music.

Right click here and save it in your computer as you should know.

I thought it was important to share those realease (more to come), it takes me quiet a lot of work, but it's damned good to remember that time. I hope you will enjoy...

But Why?

Today I got an e-mail from a friend from Salt (Girona - Spain) saying he's gonna make a n Especial Nabate Records Radioshow asking me to send him mp3 of some releases he didn't had the oportunity to have. How great is to get such letter from long time no see pen pal! I realised it was maybe high time to secure all the sound I had on some digital form. Unlike Sned and all sensible people I never digitalised the label's catalog. Because i am a real lazy guy and probably also because I didn't want to hear anything from that past anymore. I'm not sure if I want to try to explain why I stopped the whole anarcho-punk activities on this blog. All I know is that I really feel that it was the best years of my life, and each time I meet an old friend I was closed with it is a tremendous pleasure and most of the time it gets me very drunk!

Oh I forgot the purpose of this post. Yep I'm gonna post links to mp3's of the early NABATE's release for those of you who didn't have the chance to hear them. Amazing Revulsion 7" (nab002), chaotic THEY AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET benefit comp. 7", etc...

21 Oct. 2008

Saturday, May 28, 2011

REVULSION "The Only Revolution / All I Could See" 7" (nab002)

Second record, an amazing record by this band hailing from Norwich  Englang. Personally, I didn't first realise how great it was. It was the time of brutal hc-punk and Class War newspaper and they came with their melodic tunes and sensible & sensitive hippy stuff! It is a shame they broke up soon after the release of this 7". Nabate would have probably release a full lenght and it probably would've been a classic records. The playing, tunes, timing and recording are close to perfect. It is pure joy to listen back to this 7"! Thanks to this records I got to know a great friend from Croatia. He'd wrote to the band asking about thier record and they'd replied that I'd probably have some copies left. I did, it is a great record that didn't sell well. Only 1040 got pressed on 28/02/1991.
The scan of the sleeve doesnb't give a good idea of the color, it is brighter that what it looks, but strangely the paper and ink seems not scan-compatible.

listen to "All I Could See" on the player or right click here: Revulsion "All I Could See"

listen to "The Only Revolution" on the player or right click here: Revulsion "The Only Revolution"

edit: They have two tracks on "Consolidation" 7", a compilation released in 1987. Revulsion have also a track in "Anarcho punk vol 3-Anti-society" comp cd (Overground Records), a track from their early days in "We wont be your fucking poor"(Mortarhate) and in "Words worth shouting" (Radical Change) and "A Vile Peace"(Peaceville). There is also a demo tape. (from 7inchcrust blog) Thanks for the good job. I have this great "Consolidation" comp. 7" and completly forgot about it!

From the comments:
Anonymous Steve Revulsion said...
Revulsion have just released a s/t CD on Boss Tuneage records. Featuring 10 handpicked tunes from their back catalogue including 3 unreleased tracks. If you buy from here you receive a free 50 min live DVD!! link here

Friday, May 27, 2011

"They Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" 7" comp. (nab003)

A benefit compilation for the Poll-Tax prisoneers (for demonstrating against the tax or not having paid).
The Poll-Tax was a particulary vicious taxe introduced by Margaret Thatcher's government in the UK. Millionnaire living in mansion pays less in poll-tax than a low income family in a small house. No other modern democracy has ever introduced a tax that takes no acount to the ability to pay.
The London Poll-Tax Riot took place on march 31, 1990. Here you have a video all about it made by people of the Class War federation. Class War was an anarchist weekly newsheet intentionally provocative or illegal.

track list:
1. Mushroom Attack (nl) - Fuck Nazis (2:39)
2. Psycho Flowers (scot) - Disease Of Mankind (2:41)
3. Hiatus (b) - The Show Must Go On (1:58)
4. Private Jesus Detector (b) - Paralize Power (2:26)
5. Dreadful (scot) - Wind Of The Storm (3:14)

on the player: Dreadful "Wind Of The Storm"

It was released july 7 1991 at 1548 copies.

I think the DREADFUL song is probably one of the most bizarre tracks Nabate has ever released, not only because they mixed grind-core with reggae-dub. DREADFUL was a combo hailing from Glasgow and was famous for never rehearsing and I think we can hear it on the recording ;-b! Neverthless I think it was a good idea to do those punk/dub experimentations.

Obviously those tracks would get better with some mastering but here you have them as on the vynil:
right-click here and save it to your computer. (you will need to extract it from the rar file, get this here)

I remastered  the DREADFUL song - right click here and save it to your pc.