Friday, May 27, 2011

"They Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" 7" comp. (nab003)

A benefit compilation for the Poll-Tax prisoneers (for demonstrating against the tax or not having paid).
The Poll-Tax was a particulary vicious taxe introduced by Margaret Thatcher's government in the UK. Millionnaire living in mansion pays less in poll-tax than a low income family in a small house. No other modern democracy has ever introduced a tax that takes no acount to the ability to pay.
The London Poll-Tax Riot took place on march 31, 1990. Here you have a video all about it made by people of the Class War federation. Class War was an anarchist weekly newsheet intentionally provocative or illegal.

track list:
1. Mushroom Attack (nl) - Fuck Nazis (2:39)
2. Psycho Flowers (scot) - Disease Of Mankind (2:41)
3. Hiatus (b) - The Show Must Go On (1:58)
4. Private Jesus Detector (b) - Paralize Power (2:26)
5. Dreadful (scot) - Wind Of The Storm (3:14)

on the player: Dreadful "Wind Of The Storm"

It was released july 7 1991 at 1548 copies.

I think the DREADFUL song is probably one of the most bizarre tracks Nabate has ever released, not only because they mixed grind-core with reggae-dub. DREADFUL was a combo hailing from Glasgow and was famous for never rehearsing and I think we can hear it on the recording ;-b! Neverthless I think it was a good idea to do those punk/dub experimentations.

Obviously those tracks would get better with some mastering but here you have them as on the vynil:
right-click here and save it to your computer. (you will need to extract it from the rar file, get this here)

I remastered  the DREADFUL song - right click here and save it to your pc.


marc said...

cheers Alain !

brings out a lot of memories with gigs, trading and buying from you in the past, since Liège and Vortnvis are quite inactive the Belgian scene has for me died out a bit

guess we are all getting older as well...

really, this is one of the finest compilation ep's from early 90's


al plastic said...

yeah thanks Marc, lot of good memories!! I don't know about the inactivity of Liege and the Vort'n'vis. It's different for sure. Next weekent is an Anarchist Black Cross show at la Zone organise by young anarcho punks, with ACTIVE MINDS on the bill! There was the LADY FEST a few weeks ago. Check out the concerts list, there's still interesting stuff! all the best!