Monday, January 5, 2009

more radio shows!...

I recently noticed also the ALL GO NO SLOW! radio show that featured Nabate's releases here (Unhinged) and here (Hiatus)...

I take this oportunity to let you all know that HIATUS are reforming for a small european tour in april 2009 (I beleive it'll include Belgium, Holland & London) tentatively with the Scottish SEDITION. All to be confirmed though!

"El Frenopatic 044" radio show special NABATE

My friend Jordi from Sallt, Spain made a special radioshow all about NABATE's releases! You can find it on the blog, or download the mp3 file here. Entonce podemos ameliorar nos casteliano/español tambien!

El Frenopàtic - 044: 30/01/08

Al 1999 vaig conèixer en persona al Sr. Alain de Nabate Records, al munta'ls-hi un concert al grup Unhinged, on ell hi tocava la guitarra. Avui fem un repàs discogràfic al material que va deixar editat entre 1989 i 2000 aquest segell de Liège, a Bèlgica. 23 referències dins del Hc/Punk... underground. Més info. del segell: Nabate Records. Ha obert un blogspot per anar descarregant-se els seus discs: Nabate Blogspot.

01. H.H.H. "Jim"
02. Hiatus "Show of Pain"
03. One by One "You are the Key"
04. Sedition "Why Fur?"
05. Unhinged "Not Even Death"
06. Disaffect "Chained to Morality"
07. Quarantine "Vacant"
08. Unhinged "Reality"
09. Kimusawea "Blut, Blüte"
10. Unhinged "Bonne a Rien"
11. Hiatus "Ultimate Decision"
12. L.T.S. "Intime Ocean"
13. Algolagnie "Corps en Soldes"
14. Los Crudos "That's Right We're That Spic Band"
15. Los Crudos "No Existen Palomas Blancas en mi Barrio"
16. Counter-Attack "Well is There"
17. Manifesto Jukebox "Paralyzed"
18. Katastrophobia "Age of Aquarius"