Sunday, January 27, 2008

Unhinged "Crime and Punishment" lp (nab015)

I wanted to put this one straight since I played on this and it is not available anymore nor it has ever been re-issued on cd format unlike the rest of the UNHINGED material.
The line up for this record was Ben, Wills, Nat and Al.
I still gets shivers when I hear this record, I can't believe we did it all ourselves, ha ha. When it came out many people thought the sleeve look uggly. The band'd been labeled "emo-crust" which was a big joke amongst the members that simply saw themselves as punk.
It got almost issued on cd in the US until we changed idea (due to very long delay and poor communication) and thought of releasing it on Nabate. Then the band eventually broke up and the cd of this 2nd album never got released. Some labels still would like to re-issue it now (2008) which is kind of amazing. It got released on tape in Poland and Russia.
Maybe I should write a web page with the Unhinged story, line up, gigs etc.. one day.
Here is one of the track on streaming, with quiet a jolly job at the drums.
edit: I've reposted this has it was the wrong file. Here is "Lifetrap".

Track List:
1. Alone For Too Long (3:12)
2. Empty Vee (2:48)
3. Crime And Punishment (3:42)
4. Lifetrap (1:13)
5. The Failure (4:04)
6. Personne Ne Sourit Plus (3:50)
7. Matière Grise (4:49)

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( from the comments - may 13, 08 )
.., thanks dhd, it's too bad this record never came out on digital version at the time. The story is that it was meant to be released on cd version with extra film ("Punk Picnic" of Sandrine Drijvers) on the fine Scott Beibin's imprint BLOODLINK Records. But we ran out of patience with Scott's busy and chaotic life and eventually thought NABATE would released it (i.e. ourselves).
Finally the band broke up before no one released the 2nd album on CD. I can tell you that dropping Bloodlink has been a very bad mistake indeed. I will always feel bad to have canceled this release on his label. I really LOVE Scott & hosted this year his amazing "Lost Film Festival" here in Liege, and spent a WONDERFUL time together!! Al