Monday, March 24, 2008

Disaffect "Chained To Morality" lp (nab09)

There was a so called "Glasgow - Liege connection" that was buit over the years, (as much as for Liege-Bradford/Leeds). I don't remember exactly how it started. I know we'd been hitchhicking up to Glasgow and that people who would become longtime friends put us up in their flat, it must be in 1990. Glasgow was European Capital of Culture, Gordy had a mohawk and was singing with Psycho Flowers, who's guitarist was none other than Brian would later do Disaffect and Quarantine. You can hear Gordy on the last song of this album "The Man Who Cleaned the Bog".
People in Scotland seemed to have those unruly manners and customs like kissing in the mouth to say hello or bye bye and having a sense of partying as much as they possibly could. All kind of behaving that could only attract any brave folks hailing from Liege. The cultural exchange reached it's peak when poeple from Liege moved to Glasgow and vis versa! It was very conviniant as Bradford was right on the way where Scots and Liege's folks had friends (and vis versa)
This album of Disaffect was released in 1994. They released on their own Anonimous Records & Panoptic Visions a discography CD. The recording here up for download is ripped directly from the vynil which sounds slightly different due to the masterings.

edit: JOE is now singing with CONSTANT FEAR (web)

Track list
01 Sometimes
02 Everything's Fine
03 Warning
04 Slow Death
05 Chained To Morality
06 Instrumental
07 Internal Life
08 Take It Back
09 State Worse Than Death
10 One Law For Them...
11 ...Another Law For Us
12 Final Strike
13 The Man Who Cleaned The Bog

Please right click here to download the album.

Listen to "Final Strike"' here....


F. Mercenary said...

Do you have any scans for the lyrical content of this LP? It would be really appreciated.

al said...

I will try to do this when I have the scanner connected to my computer, for some reason this is complicated at the moment, all the best!